Turnkey Digital Twin Licensing for Businesses

A simple and cost effective likeness licensing platform native to AI.

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All your Likeness Licensing needs on a single platform.

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Digital Twins

Creators, Influencers and Celebrities to choose from across demographics.

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AI Native Licenses

Specialized licenses so you can find the right terms for your business.

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Media Management

All in one content & likened licensing management solution.

Business FAQ

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What is MyLikenessAI for Business?

MyLikenessAI is a platform that allows you to license the the digital twins of creators, influencers, and celebrities for use in AI-generated content.

We make it easy to take advantage of AI's productivity gains while helping you ensure all content featuring real humans is legally and ethically generated.

How does it work?

Create a free account to view our complete talent roster. If you see anybody you'd like to license, simply select the license type you'd like to purchase. Once your license is accepted, you can use the likeness with any of our generative AI partners.

I don't see my AI company. Can I still use MyLikenessAI?

Potentially! Please reach out to support@mylikeness.ai with details about your needs and we can see if MyLikenessAI can work for you.

We also welcome new AI partners. Feel free to introduce partnerships@mylikeness.ai to your account team and we can look into getting an integration set up for you.

What are the license terms?

We provide a wide variety of license terms so you can find the ones that best suit you.

License Type:
- Single Creation
- Monthly Subscription

Usage Rights:
- Perpetuity (for that creation)
- Time-Limited

Certain license types and usage rights generally command a high premium than others. You can filter by license types, usage rights, pricing and other factors depending on your needs.

Current, all licenses are commercial use and non-exclusive.

Can I see my licenses and generated content?

Yes! MyLikenessAI stores all of your licenses and generated content in your account. This makes it easy to use us as a single repository for all commercially licensed AI-generated content.

We also track the status of licenses and media with time-limited usage rights, so you always know what you can and can not use for advertising.

What's your refund policy?

MyLikenessAI can not offer refunds on any licensed content or monthly subscriptions.

Most of our partners provide a playground where you can tweak the content until it's just right before you license it. You're only charged for licensed content and may use the playground environments non-commercially without being charged.