No use of the Asset, including any Creation, may contain or be associated with material that is misleading, inaccurate, or that makes fraudulent or unfair competitive claims or that makes insufficiently supported claims or claims that distort the true meaning or practical application of statements made by the Licensee. In addition, the Asset may not be used with any material that is patently offensive or which violates the law (e.g., libel, copyright,trademark, right of privacy, etc.) and must comply with standards of decency and good taste. All uses of the Asset for advertising purposes must comply with applicable advertising standards adopted by various associations for specific products and services, such as the advertising guidelines adopted by the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States and the Child Advertising Review Unit.

In addition to the foregoing, Licensee agrees that it will not use the Asset or any Creation in connection with any of the following categories, or that links to such material:    

Anything that is obscene or indecent or that contains strong sexual, explicit, or erotic themes;

Products or sites depicting or providing how-to materials about pedophilia or other non-consensual contact;       

Products or sites that suggest the availability of prostitution services;

Products or sites that advocate, glorify or promote rape, torture, cannibalism, violence, suffering, or death;

Individuals seeking to adopt children or who offer children for adoption; 

Products or services related to fertility services, including egg donation;

Products that descramble cable or satellite signals in order to get free services;

Products that promote software or techniques that bypass copyright protections or permit the unauthorized reproduction, distribution, public performance, public display, or creation of derivative works of original works of authorship; 

Counterfeit, fake, or bootleg products or replicas or imitations of designer products;

Promotes nudity, nude beaches, or naked cruises or resorts;

Products or sites that appear to facilitate or promote the evasion of laws (e.g., radar detectors, etc.);

Products made from endangered species;

Products or sites that offer fake identification or falsified documentation;

Promotes the sale of firearms or ammunition by mail order or at gun shows;

Products or sites that have online gambling as a central theme;

Promotes services, contests, or games that predict winners of races or sporting events;

Trivializes historic events such as the Holocaust, the Irish Famine, orSeptember 11th; 

Hunting trips that guarantee animals will be available for kill;

Multi level marketing schemes;

Organtransplant services;

Products or sites that guarantee credit repair or credit cards;

Products or sites of questionable legality (e.g., miracle cures, etc.);

Escort services or “strip” clubs;


Defamatory,l ibelous, or threatening sites;

Extreme profanity; or

Depicts, promotes or is designed to facilitate alcohol abuse, use of tobacco products, or the sale or distribution of any drug prohibited for sale or distribution under the federal laws of the United States of America.