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Manage your Digital Twin

Earn passive income by licensing your likeness in digital content powered by AI.

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Retain the right to your likeness and the ability for your digital twin to participate in gigs on and off of MyLikenessAI.

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Cast your digital twin are on per-creation, or monthly basis licenses. You continue to earn as your likeness is used.

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Get onboarded once and earn ongoing. Your digital twin can be cast in an unlimited number of projects simultaneously!

How it Works


Creating a MyLikenessAI account is like completing a digital casting call. Fill in some information about yourself, set rates & preferences, and share some assets we can use to create your digital twin.

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Set Rates

Set your rate for licensing your digital twin's likeness in digital content powered by AI.

Manage Preferences

It's your likeness; you control it. MyLikenessAI has strict advertising guidelines for all talent, and we allow you to opt out of additional content categories based on your personal preferences.

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Monetize & Grow

That's it! Let your digital twin earn passive income and form new opportunities for brand partnerships 24/7 anywhere in the world!

Talent FAQ

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What is MyLikenessAI?

MyLikenessAI is a platform that enables influencers & celebrities to manage & monetize their digital twin in AI-generated content.

We provide fair, non-exclusive licenses with robust advertising guidelines and preferences to ensure you can confidently license your likeness in projects that align with your brand image.

How much does it cost?

It's 100% free to join! MyLikenessAI charges a percentage fee on each successful transaction. We only get paid when you get paid.

How will my likeness be used?

MyLikenessAI has strict advertising guidelines that control how our business partners can cast your digital twin. We also have a robust list of additional preferences, giving you even more control over your image.

Want more control? Apply as a Celebrity to unlock the ability to review & approve all generated content featuring your twin before it's licensed.

What are the license terms?

We provide a wide variety of license terms so you can find the ones that best suit you.

License Type:
- Single Creation
-Monthly Subscription

Usage Rights:
- Perpetuity (for that creation)
- Time-Limited

Monthly subscription and perpetual usage rights on each Creation (the image, audio video, not to your likeness) receive the most usage and command the highest premium. Set your rates for each license type in your Artist account and see what works best for you.

Can I see the content featuring my digital twin?

Yes! All generated content lives within your account. You're able login anytime to all of your brand partnerships. If you feel any content is in violation of our advertising guidelines or your selected preferences, please reach out to support@mylikeness.ai immediately.

Can my Manager or Agent run the Account?

Yes! MyLikenessAI lets you invite your Manager and assign them preferences for what they can and cannot change in your account. You can optionally let take actions like changing rates or approving content. You can also give them a commission on your earnings from your Artist dashboard.